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SAI shatters common outsourcing myths

 Myth 1 - The Earth is flat

Apparently NOT TRUE - There are reports that people have circumnavigated the Earth thus disproving this myth.

 Myth 2 - The best time to outsource is when sales increase and you have too many calls

NOT TRUE - Certainly a time to outsource is when sales are increasing in a clearly growing market. However, the best time to outsource is in an uncertain market when sales are volatile because unpredictable sales make staff forecasts difficult if not impossible. With SAI you only pay for actual contact time so you always have the right amount of support - never too much and never too little. Please see our Case Study (pdf) that shows how we saved a client over 25% of their support costs.

 Myth 3 - Outsourcing means offshoring

NOT TRUE - SAI answers all calls in the United States.

 Myth 4 - It costs a lot of money to set up a Pay for Support Program

NOT TRUE - If you want to explore a Pay for Support Program, SAI's optional Cyber Cipher Program is virtually cost free to set up and is the most flexible program in the business. Please see our White Paper - Pay for Support: What Works and What Doesnít (pdf).

 Myth 5 - Only big companies outsource

NOT TRUE - SAI specializes in helping small and medium size companies and, in fact, smaller companies actually see more savings than large companies.

 Myth 6 - Elephants are afraid of mice

NOT TRUE - But we do know some people who are afraid of both.

Myth 7 - Create a product and they will buy

NOT TRUE - If only it were this simple. While examples of why this myth is not true are not easy to find - we seldom hear of failures - the Edsel and the DeLorean certainly come to mind. The product is only the first step. Marketing, sales, and service also have to be in place before "they" will buy. Marketing to make sure that the product doesn't remain a secret, sales to present it to customers, and service to assure that product purchased remains sold.

 Myth 8 - Outsourcing means losing touch with your customers

NOT TRUE - Our managers are liaisons between you and your customers. When you have discussions with SAI, you are talking to managers who are required to spend 25% of their daily time answering calls. They know exactly what is happening with your customers and products because they are involved and have the responsibility of meeting your needs - now.

 Myth 9 - Outsourcing means giving up quality support

NOT TRUE - SAI only uses professionally trained and certified agents to answer your calls and e-mails. In addition, all SAI agents go through SAIís proprietary Customer Service training and our professional Quality Assurance Program reviews each agent at a frequency and amount of monitored time that exceeds all industry standards. And, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to you to ensure that we provide support as we agreed. There is no quality compromise with SAI.

 Myth 10 Ė Answering the phone 24x7 increases calls

NOT TRUE Ė It is a myth that customers just call support because it is convenient. No one likes to call support. Most customers compare the experience to taking a driving test Ė they fear being judged. The reality is that 24x7 support enhances your companyís image and reduces returns. In 15 years, SAI has never seen an incident of expanding support to 24x7 causing increased calls Ė in fact, the opposite is true.

 Myth 11 Ė SAI will give you a no-obligation analysis of the savings you can realize through outsourcing

TRUE Ė Contact us for a free, no-obligation analysis based on our 15 years of experience. We do have a bias towards outsourcing and believe we are the best but we promise we won't mislead you. If outsourcing isn't right for you, we will tell you and if SAI isnít right for you, we will tell you that too.

 Myth 12 - Outsourcing means I have to outsource all of my support

NOT TRUE - You can outsource support for individual products or projects, outsource only part of the day or week, SAI will help you with any part of or all of your support needs.

 Myth 13 - In a commodity market, price is the only basis of competition

NOT TRUE - If price is the only basis of competition, then the small companies will be forced out and the big companies will become stagnant. In fact, most studies recommend that differentiation is most important in a commodity market. The best way to differentiate your products is customer service. The result is enhanced company image and reputation which leads to easy sales.

 Myth 14 - I canít use outsourcing services if Iím a start-up company

NOT TRUE - In fact, start-up is one of the best times to outsource support. Not only do you save money because you only pay for the support you actually need but the presence of professional outsourced support enhances the image of both you company and products in the eyes of both the press and the distribution channel. Several of our clients began with SAI as start-up operations. With our expertise, we were able to help them develop and implement effective and efficient support programs and grow their business more quickly because they could concentrate on other aspects rather than try to deal with the real time demands of support.

Myth 15 - Broken Cabbage Patch Dolls were returned by the manufacturer with death certificates

NOT TRUE - Coleco Industries manufactured these dolls which were wildly popular in the 1980s. Each doll included adoption certificates and Coleco offered repair services for the dolls when necessary. However, the company did not send death certificates, funeral bills, letters of condolence or child-abuse citations as many have claimed.

 Myth 16 - Iíll be stuck with a support solution that wonít adapt to my changing needs

NOT TRUE - SAIís use of line managers as point of contact means you get answers and action now. Because we specialize in small and medium size companies we are extremely flexible and responsive. Whether it is a sudden increase in support volume because of a new retail outlet or the introduction of a new product or a special report or a special analysis of call data or anything else that changes your support needs you will find we really can turn on a dime and amaze you with our responsiveness.

 Myth 17 - Outsourcing takes forever to set up

NOT TRUE - Normally SAI can have your support program staffed, trained and up and running in less than two weeks. We have set up clients - from contract to taking calls in as little as two days - more than just once and not small either.

 Myth 18 - If I outsource support with SAI and it doesnít work out, Iím stuck until the end of the contract

NOT TRUE - Most outsourcers tie you into a contract that you either canít get out of or that has heavy penalties for cancellation. All of SAIís contracts have a quick out provision because SAI keeps clients by performance, not contract.

Think of a myth not shown here?

Call us at 949-670-8393 or email sales@SupportAssociates.comWe would love to help shatter any other myths you can think of or just answer all your questions about outsourcing. Call or email us - you have nothing to lose except some myths - and you may discover that we can save you money, perhaps a lot of money.

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