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Begin your support solution in less than two weeks.

SAI's services are flexible, easy to use, and you pay only for customer contact time. With our solutions you do not pay set up fees, thus allowing a rapid start of service at no cost to your company. We can help you achieve consistent support levels, expand your support hours, or free up your existing staff for other tasks and projects in as little as two weeks with our structured implementation plan.

SAI Offers:

Call Tracking Database

SAI's Custom Call Tracking Database enhances reporting, client feedback, product improvement based on information collected and interfacing to a wide variety of client owned systems.

Multiple Knowledge Bases

We utilize the Knowledge bases of the manufacturer whenever possible. This ensures the most accurate and timely information in solving problems.

Procedural and FAQ based information is generated and stored on internal servers in the SAIDOCS Knowledge Base to ensure proper handling of individual client information. The most frequently accessed information is always immediately available to the technicians.

E-Mail Support

We provide e-mail support to clients with specific e-mail support needs. Equipment is in place to distribute incoming e-mails to the appropriate technicians for resolution. It will appear to your customers that you responded directly to their E-mail inquiries.


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