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Welcome to Support Associates, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in our company and have tried to make our website as simple as possible to navigate.

Support Associates, Inc. is a technical support outsourcing company, located in Southern California, that specializes in assisting small and medium companies provide their customers with excellent Customer Support at affordable prices.

Our website is intended to assist you in learning about the advantages of outsourcing. We have white papers and a case study and a list of the common myths about outsourcing.

  • We suggest you start with the paper: Why provide Customer Support? (pdf) The answer may seem obvious, but there may be more to justify Customer Support than you have considered.
  • The myth area is intended to be fun and informative. It is dynamic with myths both added and removed on an occasional basis. If you have a favorite business myth, contact us and we may even post it.
  • The cost comparison in the Case Study (pdf) may surprise you. The cost of providing support with an in-house staff is almost invariably higher than the same support provided through outsourcing.
  • Why Outsource (pdf) is a list of reasons you may not have considered in determining whether to outsource your support function and the Outsource Primer (pdf) offers a set of criteria to consider if you are exploring outsourcing your support.
  • The paper on Pay for Support (pdf) compares the methods of implementing a Pay for Support program and what works and what doesn’t.

There are – of course – pages on why we believe we are the best outsource company in the business but whether you agree or not, we hope we have given you some help in making an informed decision. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have. We will answer them as honestly as possible and will give you a free, no obligation, analysis of your support options.


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